Photos By Fletch

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Nature Image
These photos are my nature and landscape pictures, from mostly around the Boston area.
201302 - Some photos from the blizzard known as Nemo. Who names blizzards?
20090606 - I decided to wander down the Southwest Corridor path.
20090530 - My first visit to Belle Isle Marsh in East Boston.
20070225 - An icy day at Boston Common and the Public Garden.
20060520 - Playing around with a few pictures at the Arnold Arboretum.
20060430 - Flower shots in Boston Common.
20051101 - Shooting photos around Boston Common and the Public Garden.
20050723 - A summer's day along the Charles River.
20041011 - Seeing the leaves change color at the Arnold Arboretum.
20040531 - A few flower pictures along the Southwest Corridor path.
20040515 - More bird watching along the Charles River.
20040501 - Some photos while at Boston's Public Garden.
20040418 - Bird watching along the Charles River.
Spring 2004 - A family of hawks move into a tree on the MIT campus.
20031018 - Fall colors at the Arnold Arboretum.
20030907 - A stroll around the Fresh Pond Reservoir.
20030713 - A few photos on the Boston Harborwalk.
20030712 - Photographing plants at the Arnold Arboretum.
20030712 - A nature photography stroll down Newbury Street.
20030629 - Taking pictures while wandering around the Esplanade.
20030629 - Some photos while at Boston's Public Garden.
20030628 - Flower pictures taken along the Southwest Corridor path in Back Bay.
20030621 - Nature photos in Arnold Arboretum and around Copley Square.