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This page is a gathering point to see photos from my most recent shoots.
Mar 2017 - Once again I'm showing a few of my photos at the MIT Excellence Awards reception in Kresge.
20160704 - Another year, another set of crappy fireworks photos.
20160507 - Celebration of MIT's move to Cambridge 100 years ago.
20151031 - Here are some photos that I took when I went to CBC's Great Pumpkin Fest.
September 2015 - I've got a photo in a gallery show!
20150704 - In case you're not sick of seeing fireworks yet.
Mar 2015 - I'm showing a few of my photos at the MIT Excellence Awards reception in Kresge.
20141025 - Could I be any later for Halloween? Anyway here are some photos that I took when I went to CBC's Great Pumpkin Fest.
20140703 - Slightly less crappy July fourth fireworks photos.
20140614 - I went to watch the Boston Pride Parade, especially to see the Boston Hoohahs, my friends' lady stepper group.
20140421 - I decided to cheer on some of the runners in the Boston Marathon. What a difference a year makes!
Feb 2014 - A couple of my photos will be on display at the MIT Excellence Awards reception in Kresge.
20130723 - I got to be Amtrak's Instagram Photo of the Day!
20130704 - Yet another year of crappy July fourth fireworks photos.
Summer 2013 - I've got some photos up in the Infinite Corridor again. Swing by and have a look if you're in the area.
20130320 - Captured a few photos of a public art exhibit at Dewey Square (South Station).
Mar 2013 - I'm showing a few of my photos at the MIT Excellence Awards reception in Kresge.
201302 - Some photos from the blizzard known as Nemo. Who names blizzards?
20130129 - I got the rare opportunity to do some strobe photography in the Edgerton Center at MIT.
Autumn 2012 - Just a few things that I have shot over the past few months.
20120704 - My yearly torture of taking fireworks photos on the Fourth of July.
20120505 - I went to Vermont for my artists' reception. While I was there, I snapped a few photos during the day and went night shooting with a couple of friends.
201204 - My first time in New Orleans for Dan and Regan's wedding.
20120420 - Dan and Regan's wedding in New Orleans.
April 2012 - It's my first time in a gallery exhibit!
20120323 - A friend got a group of us a special opportunity to photograph Boston from the top of Marriott's Custom House.
20120314 - There was a blackout in Back Bay after a transformer fire. After missing things initially, I got another chance when the blackout stretched across a second night.
Winter 2012 - Just a few random photos from this winter.
Feb 2012 - I've been selected once again to show a few of my photos at the MIT Excellence Awards reception in Kresge.
20110806 - A little change from my normal night photography, The Boston Circus Group was doing fire performances at the Hungry Tiger Festival in Union Square in Somerville.
20110704 - Once again, the Fourth of July has come and gone. Slowly improving on the fireworks pictures.
Summer 2011 - If it's summer, then I must have some photos up in the Infinite Corridor. If you happen to be around MIT, take a scroll and have a look at the photos.
201105 - A few photos of the FAST Light exhibit around campus for MIT's 150th anniversary.
201101 - A trip to Lake Tahoe and San Francisco for Macworld Expo and to visit friends.
20100828 - Since I had a set of wheels, I went to Rockport and Gloucester for a few photos.
20100814 - Just needed to shoot some night photos.
20100807 - Bookending the whale watch, we also hung out in Rockport.
20100807 - I bounced around on a boat and went on a whale watch.
20100808 - Finally got to go the Newport Jazz Festival as a birthday gift. Great day with awesome jazz!
20100802 - I shot with NESOP's night photography course around on campus.
20100704 - If it's the Fourth of July, it must be fireworks. Maybe one of these years I'll take good pictures of fireworks.
Summer 2010 - Once again, I have some photos up for MIT's Campus Activities Committee showcase in the Infinite Corridor. If you're in the MIT vicinity, take a look at the prints.
20100605 - I went out because I haven't shot at night recently.
20100529 - Made a day trip with some friends to Portland, ME over Memorial Day weekend.
20100507 - Marine Week was held in Boston from May 3-9 and I managed to get down to Boston Common to a few helicopters take off.
20100303 - I've been selected to show a few of my photos at the MIT Excellence Awards reception in Kresge.
201002 - Quick trip to New York City to see friends and check out some of the sights over the long Presidents' Day weekend.
20091220 - Shots of the Zakim after the first decent snowfall of the winter.
20091201 - I got to go with NESOP's night photography class to Lowell and got a rare opportunity to photograph from some rooftops.
20091024 - I wanted to photograph the Rose Kennedy Greenway water works one last time before they were shut off for the winter.
20091010 - I went to see the Jack O'Lantern Spectatular at the Roger Williams Park Zoo.
20090919 - A trip back to Portsmouth, NH with a few friends.
20090905 - I went out with the inuagural outing for Boston Photo Peeps.
20090823 - A trip to Rockport with some Boston Flickr folks.
20090801 - MITAC took a trip to Camden Yards and Washington DC last weekend.
20090724 - The Boston Flickr group celebrated its first anniversary by shooting along the Rose Kennedy Greenway and the Zakim bridge.